IMAGINE! The Club (Клуб)

The Club exists for the betterment of the Language Link International School students in promoting English as a language of unity and friendship on our Earth. The school premises are in Sterlitamak (Rep. Bashkortostan), Russia.

20 janvier 2008


Finally, Martin Bouchard, the founder of the Club has visited some members in 2008. It was on a sunny Saturday, January 5th, 2 o'clock at Lucky Pizza. The reunion was presided by Regina Haïdarova and her chauffeur Eduard Gasitunin. The next meeting is scheduled for the end of February to celebrate the departure of winter. An 'sms' will be sent to all members a week prior to the meeting date.

The man on the left has replaced Martin as a native teacher. Frank Romero is from Houston, Texas. The 'girls' are looking forward to seeing him under his Stetson hat this summer...

Rimma (the Warrior) Abdrakimova, director


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