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10 juillet 2008

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.

by Leap Of Faith aka Temps

*Written for a Contest.*L_amour___tout__ge

The clock ticks impatiently
as another hour comes near its end.
A night of romance is approaching
as she sits anxiously awaiting his arrival.

The doorbell rings.
Instantaneously she fills up with excitement.
She leaps up from the couch
as a smile rushes over her beautiful face.

She opens the door to find her пылкий любовник
(pronounce "pooykyi lyoobovnyk": passionate lover)
with a pot in his left hand.
He gives it to her with a sweet
peck on her rosy red cheek.

He walks in the room and his gorgeous eyes open wide.
The room is lit with candles that dance with color
and rose petals romantically spread on the couch.
He whispers passionately "Я люблю тебя, детка."
(pronounce "Ya loobloo tibia dietka": I love you baby!)

A romantic vibe fills the room with happiness
as the two sit down to talk and spend the evening
in each others arms, once and for all.
She looks up into his beautiful baby blue eyes
and says, "бы мой солнечный свет."
(pronounce “Voui moy solnietchni sviet.”: You are my Sun.)

Adapted by AMB

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