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The Club exists for the betterment of the Language Link International School students in promoting English as a language of unity and friendship on our Earth. The school premises are in Sterlitamak (Rep. Bashkortostan), Russia.

27 avril 2007


Today’s meeting was rather special. We went to watch a movie at the Cinema Salavat. Eleven members attended : Arthur, Alya and her friend Gulnaz, Rimma, Natalya, Alla, Vera, Maksim, Dilara, Ildar and me. We met at the Кафе on the second floor for a tea before the presentation. Dilara had brought the lyrics of a song to put the group in the mood… And you know what?... That same tune was song in the film.

Wild_Hogs_4The film, "Wild Hogs”, starred John Travolta, Tim Allen, Martin Lawrence and William H. Macy. It was an action-packed comic drama about men, motorcycles and mid-life crises.  In the film, Travolta, Allen, Lawrence and Macy star as four frustrated suburbanites who try to rev up their middle-aged lives by hitting the open road as would-be renegade bikers.

But as the trying-to-be-fearless foursome headed out looking for adventure, they got far more excitement than they bargained for.  Suddenly, they found themselves in potentially deadly rivalry with the Del Fuegos, a rough-and-tumble, real-life biker gang who forced them to re-learn how to fight by their wits – even as they were scared right out of them. As they attempted to hurl down the highway to hell, these four friends somehow found a way to run into the renewal they were seeking.

A great movie to go and see… Indeed!

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