IMAGINE! The Club (Клуб)

The Club exists for the betterment of the Language Link International School students in promoting English as a language of unity and friendship on our Earth. The school premises are in Sterlitamak (Rep. Bashkortostan), Russia.

27 mars 2007


Regina_EduardThe president Regina Haidarova has officially announced the re-opening of the Club by her presence at a meeting in a little bistro near the Stirlya River on Sunday March 25. A dozen members attended the reunion and enjoyed different tea essences offered by the house.
This year’s tendency of IMAGINE! The Club will be focused on the authentic pleasure of savouring tea in an atmosphere of relaxation, friendship and conviviality. Each meeting will be preceded by a lecture in English.  

Today’s presentation was done by Gulnaz Nasibullina, a student in Law. She lectured the members on the interview she had with the American Consul on Thursday March 22nd in Yekaterinburg. Gulnaz is going abroad on June 1st for a period of 3 months. She will work as a room service keeper in a Hostel in Williamsburg, Virginia (USA).
An informal exchange about the benefits of tea followed the lecture. Martin Members_rightopened the discussion on the philosophy of tea with a quote : "While it brews, we'll talk: We'll talk about everything. We'll talk about nothing. Whatever you want to say, I'll listen. Show me your secrets, your troubles, your joys, your profound thoughts and silliest imaginings. Tell me a piece of juicy gossip. Or your theories on how to make the world a better place. Share a new recipe or an old memory… a brilliant idea or a stupid one... anything... I'll be sad if you're sad, happy if you're happy. I'll giggle with you or cry with you. Or laugh with you until my face hurts. Burden me. Enlighten me. I hope we continue our conversation for the rest of our lives." (unknown author).

The meeting ended in harmony at 30 minutes past 4. The next meeting will be on Sunday 1st April 2007. The place and time will be forwarded via SMS to members.

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